Our Vision

Since its establishment in 2003, Beton Concept AM has maintained a very clear vision: « Once the project is done, we want to be the benchmark company for our customers, the one that develops high-quality work and that is recognized for its safety practices, honesty and commitment to customer satisfaction. »



Our most important values are customer safety, respect and integrity, education and a safe environment for both our customers and our employees.

Our Mission

To provide a local service for our business customers, ensuring satisfaction in a climate of trust and in a safe environment.

As a company, we focus our efforts on building a stronger future and this aspect of our mission comes through in all spheres of the business.

For our Employees

For our employees, this means a safe work environment and the opportunity to pursue a long career with us. We believe that the success of the company hinges on employee evolution. That’s why we offer professional development programs that allow our staff to strengthen their skills and grow within the business.

For our Customers

For our customers, building a stronger future means ensuring that the work we carry out will both extend the lifespan of their building and improve energy efficiency. It also means developing strong and lasting relationships with our customers, in which transparency and trust always come first.

For the Community

We believe that education is the key to building a strong future. That’s why we are committed to supporting several university programs in Quebec, to provide scholarships for students who stand out in their field.