Wear and tear on a building is normal. However, it is important to closely monitor these changes. To ensure the safety of users and of the public, you’ll need more than a quick glance. Our certified professionals can take care of evaluating facades, parking lots, balconies and other concrete structures, in order to recommend required maintenance. We greatly value the trust of our customers. We recommend only appropriate work, according to the needs of each customer.

Mandatory Inspection – Bill 122

Bill 122, which amended the Building Act, has modernized the compliance requirements for buildings, to ensure the safety of users and of the public. If you own a building or parking lot that has over five storeys, you are required by law to have the facade and parking lot evaluated by a qualified inspector (an architect or engineer) every five years, beginning in the tenth year after the construction of your building. You must also keep the report on file.

If this verification report states that dangerous conditions exist in the building, the professional who carried out the verification will immediately inform the owner and the RBQ, and provide recommendations.

You can request a verification report by calling us at 514-613-0586 or by filling out the following form. More information is also provided below, in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Does your report state the existence of dangerous conditions?

Here are the steps to follow:


Implement emergency measures to ensure public safety.


Immediately notify the RBQ. To do this, fill out the form « Déclarer une condition dangereuse: façade ou parc de stationnement » (French only) within 30 days, then send the RBQ a written description of repairs to be carried out, as well as a construction schedule. The description and schedule must be developed by an engineer or an architect.


Ensure that work is carried out according to the aforementioned description, plan and schedule.


Once construction is finished, get a verification report confirming that the building is safe.


Send the RBQ a letter signed by the engineer or architect, confirming that all repairs have been made and that the building now complies with regulations.

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Bill 122 – Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find more information about regulatory inspection requirements?

The Régie du bâtiment website offers a section called the Buildings chapter of the Safety Code. In the left menu, you will see all the subsections attached to this section.

What should I do with these verification reports?

You must keep your verification reports in a building register.

When should I ask for these verifications?

As soon as your building blows out its tenth candle, you’ll have to launch the evaluation process and go through it again every five years. If your building is older, see the information listed in the “Frequency of Verification Reports” section on the RBQ’s “Facades” page. First, for underground parking, you must carry out a visual check every year. You are also required to request a thorough verification report, written by an engineer or architect 12 to 18 months after the completion of the initial construction. The report must be requested six months before the date on which you will need it.

How can I be sure that my building or multi-storey parking garage is safe and that it complies with the required verifications?

Even if you take great care of your building, you will still need to hire an engineer or architect to evaluate specific criteria on the facade or in the parking garage. He or she will provide the details about the construction work that has to be done or a confirmation that everything is safe. You need a certificate proving that this verification has been carried out.

Who is responsible for managing the Bill?

The Régie du bâtiment enforces this bill. Details can be found in the Buildings chapter of the Safety Code.

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