Concrete Structure Restoration

Whether you need to rehabilitate a building facade or a balcony membrane, or any other type of structure, we’ll help you to select the best solution for your property.

Here are our areas of expertise for the maintenance of concrete buildings and structures:

  • Balconies
  • Building facades
  • Beams
  • Precast concrete

Even the most experienced precasters, who follow all procedures and stages of panel design, cannot create the “perfect” panel. Restoration is therefore an inevitable step in the life of every building.

Building Facade Inspection – Bill 122

If your building has over five floors, it is important to contact professionals such as Beton Concept AM to conduct a thorough inspection of your building’s structure. It is under Bill 122, concerning the maintenance and inspection of building facades.

For more on this topic, we suggest that you visit our Bill 122 Services web page, here. We can then correct any problems before undertaking the required renovations.

Restoration and Energy Efficiency

Under the Régie du bâtiment Safety Code, buildings with five or more storeys must be inspected every five years for safety purposes.

You can get two tasks done in one, as building restoration is a good opportunity to increase the energy efficiency of a structure.

The building envelope is made up of the walls, roof, foundations, doors and windows. It is the outer layer that covers the building and that separates the interior living space from the external environment, both below and above ground.

Many older buildings lose energy due to poor insulation. This is why energy costs for heating and air conditioning are so high. Building envelope restoration is crucial if your goal is to improve the energy efficiency of your property.

As with any type of renovation, increasing the energy efficiency of the building envelope requires careful planning. We offer turnkey services, from assessment to post-construction support.

From Assessment to Repair

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