Structural Demolition Specialists

Beton Concept AM runs a division that is specialized in structural demolition. We can carry out fine demolition work, using jackhammers on ceilings, walls and floors, for all types of concrete structures.

Our expertise in this field, often involving decks and pillars on bridges and viaducts, as well as indoor parking structures, allows us to provide fast and customized customer service.

Concrete Cutting and Coring

Beton Concept AM specializes in concrete cutting and coring for all kinds of structures: curbs, sidewalks, viaducts, walls, floors, etc. We also offer specialty cuts.

In fact, we are equipped to take on any kind of work. Whether you’re looking to cut the foundations of a house or the deck of a bridge that needs to be replaced, we are THE leader in the greater Montreal area.

Structural Demolition

Our experience has led us to work on several works of art, including the pillars of the Champlain Bridge, the Montreal metro and the Lachine Canal locks. We are experts, when it comes to demolitions requiring jackhammers.

We also do interior and underground parking garage demolition.

Civil Engineering Services

Our civil engineers take care of everything. From concrete stripping to finishing, including pulverization, crushing, and recycling, we offer custom services that will meet your unique needs.

You can trust our accomplished and knowledgeable team to ensure that work is carried out safely and in the best way possible.

From Assessment to Repair

We take care of all the work, from A to Z.
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