A Proven Technique

Concrete is often strengthened with rods or fibres incorporated into the structure during the initial construction. This is the most commonly used method. Nowadays, almost all of the cement used in construction is reinforced, but this is nothing new. Even early civilizations used natural fibers to prevent cracks in the masonry.

Over time, some changes may lead to weaknesses that will eventually require reinforcement. Reinforcing a concrete structure will improve the mechanical properties of its component parts, providing greater strength and durability.

Structural Reinforcement

What should you do when your structure is showing cracks and crumbling, or when it can no longer bear extra weight or withstand wind gusts? In such situations, it is not possible to add reinforcing rods. The solution lies in carbon fibre reinforcing strips, which are applied to solidify an existing structure. Foundation reinforcement is done with the help of:

  • Carbon reinforcement strips
  • Carbon slats
  • Carbon fibre fabric

Strong and Durable

Concrete is a living material that evolves over time. It sometimes requires support, due to changes in loads or prolonged exposure to an active environment. Structural reinforcement through the use of carbon fibre products is a long-term solution that requires no major work. Five times lighter and ten times stronger than steel, carbon will not deteriorate and is not corrosive.

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